September 13, 2013


Good Morning and HAPPY Friday Friends, Family, & Fans!

This Wednesday September 11, 2013 I was honored to take the photos of Baby James. He was 2 weeks and 1 day exactly and weighing about 8.4lbs. He is the cutest little guy and as you can see very photogenic. As soon as I saw him he melted my heart! So tender and barely made a peep.

 Let me tell you a little about the shoot and how most all the newborn shoots go. Mommies don’t know what to expect coming into these shoots and think they are just a breeze. Don’t the photos look that way? It’s tough to get the perfect shots in between the unexpected #1’s, #2’s, and #3’s (spit up). Also during all shoots the baby has to eat, boy do babies love that milk! Through my experience with these newborn photo shoots I’ve developed a lot of patience. The shoots usually take about 2-4 hours and 150+ photos later you end up with at least 15 great shots! I personally feel that the babies know what’s going on. They hear the camera clicks, they feel their Mom’s positioning them, they feel and see the bright lights shining down, and do everything but sleep when you want them to. With all that said I still feel so lucky to be able to do these types of shoots for family’s as they will cherish these photos forever and pass them onto their children when they grow up. Moms don’t worry, it is completely normal for all these things to occur during the shoot and newborn photographers are always up for the challenge.

If any expecting Mommies have any questions about newborn shoots please feel free to contact me at any time. If you have a friend that is expecting soon gift them a shoot as their baby shower gift! J or 619.663.8848