OLIVER’s “UP” Birthday Celebration!!


April 21, 2014


This past couple Sunday’s ago, Palm Sunday April 13th, 2014 lil Mr. Oliver Herman celebrated his 1st Birthday with the “UP” theme his amazing Mother put together! Cutest & most creative theme I ever saw! The year flew by and Oliver is now 1 year old and already running around like a pro. Many friends and family gathered for this wonderful occasion and it was a wonderful day full of laughter and love. Oliver is a happy boy and very lucky to have such loving parents, friends and family in his life. Here is a sneak peek of his Birthday fun!



Rememberable moments:

Favorite present: Fisher Price Golf Set

Favorite food of the day: Rainbow Smash cake (lil Ollie got a sugar high after just a few bites of that one!)

Favorite Toy of the Day: Ollie loves water and his new water table Jessica A. gifted him for his Birthday